November 9th, 2017


SHERATON Bucharest Hotel

The Speakers

Diplomats, Businessmen and other International Experts



The Business Diplomacy Conference 2017 is an exceptional event where diplomats, business people and other international experts have been announced to discuss the ways in which business leaders interested in becoming more competitive, can utilise methods and techniques from diplomacy to anticipate threats and exploit opportunities arising from geopolitical changes, avoid conflicts, and make strategic alliances to protect their interests, address the issues and develop international businesses.



Find out how you can see and understand the world beyond appearances, through the eyes of diplomats that are specially educated to solve critical situations and develop relationships in a global environment characterised by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity, because this is the new normality. Business paradigms are changing rapidly, being sensitively influenced by geo-political, technological and economic factors that are not related to the national context only. These changes can generate both threats and opportunities for companies.

The international perspective is increasingly important for any organization.

Companies need to collaborate with governments and diplomats, NGOs and other local and international economic influential groups to maintain and develop their market place and solve problems whose solving is no longer only in their power.

In order to operate sustainably and protect their interests in the markets, companies need to develop internal competencies that enable them to create, cultivate and manage high-level relationships with interest groups, governmental, non-governmental and private factors that are influential and relevant to the company’s activity.

This requires a way of being.

Diplomacy can provide visionary businessmen with kind of tools and methods that they need to succeed in the 21st Century. Diplomat-businessman relationship is mutually beneficial.

Who are the participants?

Officials, diplomats accredited to Bucharest, business people, business executives both from Romanian and Multinational companies and other international experts and business organisation’s representatives.

The speeches will be presented both in English and Romanian language as the case may be, with simultaneous interpretation RO/EN.

Conference Program : 20 speakers, four panels

9:00 – 9:45 — Registration & Wecome Coffee & Networking

9:45 — Opening speech – Introduction on Business Diplomacy. Why the business people need to access diplomatic competences when going international, opening new markets and developing global business partnerships.

  • Harry Ilan LAUFER  – Minister of Business Environment, Trade and Entrepreneurship: The role of Romanian Economic Counselors abroad, in attracting foreign investments and internationalisation of Romanian companies;
  • Gabriela CIOT – State Secretary: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Shaun RIORDAN – British Career Diplomat: BREXIT – Challenges and Opportunities for Romanian companies.
  • Sjaak PAPPE – Hofstede Insights, The Netherlands office: Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast!
  • Stefan GLAVAN – Career Ambassador: Economic Diplomacy in the globalisation era and the relationship between diplomats and business people;

11:35 – 11:50  —  Coffee Break

  • Milan PEPRNIK – Minister Counselor – Czech Embassy in Bucharest: Diplomatic methods and techniques recommended to business people;
  • Ayman Aly Osman Hassan – Minister Plenipotentiary Commercial – Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt: Synergies between Diplomacy and Business;
  • Ionut RITES – Head of Classified Documents, Chamber of Deputies: Cyber security and data protection for diplomats and businessmen;
  • Nineta BARBULESCU – Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Romania to Australia and New Zealand (skype intervention from Canberra – Australia)

13:00-13:45 — Lunch Break

  • Stefan POPESCU – Diplomat MAE: The new dynamics of international relations from a diplomatic and business perspective.
  • Liviu DANILA – Head of Special Emergency Situations of MAE: Crisis negotiations – diplomatic strategies to deal with tough situations. 
  • Colin LOVERING – Chairman at British Romanian Chamber of Commerce (BRCC) and Senior Vice President – Avison Young: Business, Cultural and Political Diplomacy in Real Estate;
  • Bogdan BRANDIBURG – Arhitect @ Satul Scandinav
  • Dante STEIN – Founder AUTO-ITALIA and RE-START ROMANIA: Business Situations resolved through Diplomatic methods.
  • Mihai MARCOCI – President of the Strategic Management and Lobby Association : Diplomatic Negotiations techniques that can be assimilated by business people. 

15:05-15:15 —  Coffee Break

  • Sarmiza ANDRONIC – Profiling. Non-verbal and paraverbal communication:
  • George LUPASCU PRUNA – Hofstede Insights / Ukraine’s Office: The impact of Culture on International Business
  • Dorel CAPRAR – President of the Committee for Defence, Public Order and National Security – Chamber of Deputies: Strategic Networking

  • Gheorghe DINICA – Career Ambassador: Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette

16:45 — Valentin PREDA – CEO of The Romanian Business Exchange: Conclusions & Brief Presentation of the future Training Program on Business Diplomacy


Diplomacy = Business / About Diplomacy and International Business. Synergies.

Our thanks to all participants that already registered before the 3rd of November to the Business Diplomacy Conference 2017, and we look forward to welcoming them on the 9th of November, starting with 9:00 (check-in & welcome coffee) at Sheraton Bucharest Hotel, Platinum Ballroom, 2nd floor.

The event is fully booked!

FAQ / what do you need to know

Can more people from the same company register to the event?

Yes, you can register all your colleagues who wish to attend the BUSINESS DIPLOMACY CONFERENCE 2017. Note that online registration form is filled individually by each person in the firm. There is the possibility to aggregate a single invoice for all your company participants. In this case you can send an email through our contact form with details about the number of participants and company data.

What documents must I present at the reception of the event in order to participate at the conference?

Access to the event will be based on nominal lists.

The payment can be made ON-SITE (in the day of the event)?

You cannot pay at the event location on the 9th, you need to register an pay at least one day before.

Can we shoot during the conference?

For reasons of copyright, filming or audio recording of the sessions will not be allowed.

Can we photograph during the conference?

Shooting is allowed during the event.

When we shall have access to the conference room?

Access to the conference room will be available immediately after registration (check-in) from 9:15.  

Is there a dress code (clothing) required for the conference?

Yes of course. Business Dress Code is required.

I made a mistake when booking and paid twice. What can I do?

If the payment was made twice for the same ticket access, your money would be returned, but you have to notify us by email at [email protected]

How do I know if my registration has been completed successfully?

If you choose online payment of the registration form you will be directed to another secured page, where you can enter your credit card info (PayPal payment is made on the platform) - this payment method is the fastest solution for the validation of the registration. If in the registration form you choose Bank Transfer payment, you will receive by email an invoice that you will have to pay, and then send us the payment confirmation at [email protected] . Such confirmation is necessary to increase the efficiency of validation entry, otherwise validation will be done only after the money can be viewed in our account (which can take up to 3 days).

Ticket price includes VAT?

VAT (19%) shall be added.


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